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Our cotton blankets…

… is actually an ideal product that can be a blanket, bedspread, picnic blanket, beach blanket, and even a wall tapestry or rug. They are thick and surprisingly soft. They can be colorful or one-colored, smooth, but most of all, they can have any pattern we dream of, limited only by our imagination. How is this possible? Thanks to the unique production technique - soft tapestry technique

Tapestry is a one-sided fabric that was traditionally used to decorate walls and was made by hand. Each KOS.concept blanket is made on a jacquard machine, with over 10 km of colorful cotton threads. Thanks to them, each product looks like a work of art, and thanks to the weaving technique used, it is pleasantly soft. The edges are always finished with fringes.

Our cotton blankets are made in a small family factory with a very long history. It cooperates with artists from around the world, for whom quality, beautiful colors and precision of workmanship are important. The factory is located in the United States. Cotton is also grown, woven and processed (recycled) locally.

Blankets are made of 95% cotton with 5% admixture of polyester. The addition of polyester strengthens the mostly recycled cotton fibers and makes them stronger and slightly softer. Each blanket was created thanks to the work of skilled craftsmen, which ensures the highest quality of workmanship.

Our dream is for each of us to be able to surround ourselves with beautiful, natural and durable things. To make the space we live in a cozy and comfortable place. Providing our blankets with proper care will ensure that we will enjoy them for many years:

- they can be washed in the washing machine on a delicate cycle or by hand, preferably in cold water
– use mild detergents to keep them pleasantly soft
– do not bleach, spin vigorously and tumble dry

We care about minimizing the impact of production on the environment, which is why the yarn used in our blankets is a mix of cotton and recycled cotton (about 75%). On the other hand, the remains from our production are divided by color and then processed, for example, into carpets, towels or as fillings.

Blanket sizes

Cotton tapestry blankets are available in three sizes:

1. 137cm x 157cm - perfect size to hang on the wall

2. 137cm x 182cm - dimensions of a perfect blanket

3. 157cm x 213cm - a blanket in this size can also be a bedspread

How to care for our blankets

Cotton is a comfortable material - breathable, durable and highly absorbent. How to care for our blankets so that they serve us as long as possible?

First of all, avoid contact with rough surfaces to prevent the yarn from pulling. If we use them as beach blankets, we should avoid contact with suntan lotions and oils, because they can leave marks.

Washing: our blankets should be washed in a washing machine, using mild detergents, on a delicate fabric program, in lukewarm water. They can also be washed by hand. It is important not to bleach the blanket, do not dry clean it and do not use fabric softeners.

Drying: The blanket is best hung up to dry or lay flat to dry. Wet cotton can stretch - keep this in mind when drying to prevent the product from distorting. It should not be tumble dried.

Ironing: Blankets are best ironed at a temperature of up to 150 degrees.


We want the products you buy to best meet your needs, which is why we have introduced the option of ordering a personalized product.

Two personalization options are available

Size customization:

Our blankets come in three different sizes (depending on the model):

    1. 137cm x 157cm

    1. 137cm x 182cm

    1. 157cm x 213cm

If you would like to order a blanket in a size other than the size available in the store, you can choose one of the two other sizes on the product card. When you select a new size, the price of the product will be updated.

Pattern customization:

Consisting in adding a special inscription to the pattern, e.g. wishes for a loved one. We also select this option on the product card, additionally entering the text to be placed on the blanket. The message can be up to 140 characters long (letters, spaces, special characters).

Sample visualizations:

The order fulfillment time, in the case of a personalized product, lasts from 3 to 5 weeks. We send you the exact confirmation of the lead time after confirming with the factory.

Payment: 100% when ordering

Returns: For personalized products, we do not accept returns.

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