A new trend - personalized gifts

The new trend - personalized gifts Sometimes buying a unique gift can be really difficult. If you are tired of buying ordinary

About blankets

Our cotton blankets… …is actually a perfect product that can be a blanket, bedspread, picnic blanket, beach blanket,

We tame textiles

We tame textiles – recycled cotton Climate change makes a lot of talk about environmental protection. An important topic

The perfect blanket

The perfect blanket, which is exactly what? After a long hard day, there is nothing more pleasant than to sit on the couch and

It's nice to be appreciated

It's nice to be appreciated... Our adventure with the KOS.concept brand began just a few months ago. We are even more so

A few words about the tapestry

A few words about tapestry Tapestry is a weft weaving technique. That is, threads (horizontal threads) are

About us

About us

After many years spent in corporations, where tables and targets were more important than people, two girls decided to create one

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